Yorick Stormhold

Brother of Dondarius, Thane of Cawdor


Yorick has bright red shoulder length hair. He wears a golden helmet made of the same mythic material as the Fist of Stormhold. His ceremonial armor is red and blue and on his chest he wears the sigil of the Stormhold house; a castle over a lightning bolt.
The Power Imperial manifests differently for different people. For Stormhold, it just made his physical abilities escalate to a level MUCH higher than the average Oberon. Yorick also posses the Fist of Stormhold. An ancient and treasured, indestructible, golden mace that allows him to fire energy bolts, fly with rockets in the handle, and hit with a force that could break mountains.


Yorick Stormhold is the younger brother of King Dondarius and the Thane of Cawdor. He is a powerful warrior. He commands respect, and lives for battle.
Yorick is an extremely proud man, and quick to temper, but also very righteous and moral. He is a very close friend to Laertes, being only a few decades older, which is nothing to the Oberon. They fought together many times, most notably in the war against Eno Barbarus. He was similarly horrified when Dondarius breached protocol and covered up Agamemnon’s betrayal, exiling him. But, Yorick remained silent and stayed at court in support of his brother. Even still, Laertes is his best friend, though he doesn’t trust Yorick as he once did.

Yorick Stormhold

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