Vicious cyborg genius

The Wyvern armor is a light, lizard-y green with chrome in the joints. Vernon himself, out of the armor, is badly burned on the few parts of him that are still meat, the rest machine bits and implants.

Due to his cyborg implants, Wyvern has super strength, invulnerability, and super intelligence. He has claws on his hands and feet with and huge metal wings he can fly with. His primary weapon is a long mechanical prehensile tail. It has a large spike for stabbing and fires energy blasts.


Wyvern was once Dr. William Vernon, a particularly arrogant and ambitious military scientist. Though he was extremely intelligent and very successful, he knew that his coworkers hated him, most likely because he was better than them.
One night, while working with a new type of explosive putty, there was an accident and his lab burned to the ground with him in it. Vernon was presumed dead, but in reality, he was just grievously burned. He escaped and went into hiding.
Vernon was convinced that the lab fire was not an accident, but an assassination attempt by those who were jealous of him and wanted to stop his ascent. He rebuilt himself into a cyborg, more machine now than man, and swore to conquer and subjugate all of those who had slighted him, as the Wyvern.


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