The Shadow Don

Head of Leviathan


Appearance unknown. Hyper intelligence suspected.


Around 2000, a far sighted group of Mafia types began to recruit low level supers into the ‘family’. This gave them a decided advantage over their rivals. However by 2002, the fractures began to appear amongst the members. Most notable was friction between the powered members of the organization and the normals. The resulting gang war was over quickly and, by the start of 2003, Leviathan was born. The head of the organization is a metahuman calling himself the Shadow Don. He is highly organized and has established franchises around the country. To date, Leviathan’s expansion has been meteoric.

They generally operate the same in most areas, until recently. They first come in and back a mid level crime gang. This gives them an in to the local crime scene. Invariable with super backing this group quickly raise to the top. Leviathan will then dismantle the leadership and replace it with their own men. This M.O. has been highly successful over the past decade. However, local crime lords have come to understand this tactic. Now when Leviathan makes overtures, it usually results in a unified resistance. This has lead to growing violence in Leviathan operations to expand. Leviathan is currently fighting gang wars in L.A. and Chicago.

The Shadow Don

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