The Heavy Man

Super powered mercenary


The Heavy Man suit isn’t really power armor. It’s just heavily padded, making the wearer look far stockier than normal. The suit is white, with blue detailing.
The Heavy Man suit gives Carter the ability to control Gravity in a 30 foot area around his body. He also has the ability to increase his own density to make himself more durable and immovable.

The Heavy Man started his career as muscle for the mob. Carter Crane made a reputation for himself as being ruthless when necessary and highly efficient. When his employers found themselves in need of super powered muscle to use against the super-heroes, they felt like he was the best guy for the job.

Carter is unlike many of the more well known villains. He’s amoral, not evil. Supervillainy is just a job for him. If he has to squash somebody, it’s not personal. It’s just business. Whether he’s a hero or a villain depends entirely on where the money is coming from.

The Heavy Man

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