The Arcana

Arch-nemesis - Quantum


Little is know of the origins of The Arcana. Per The Arcana “We are and have always been. We
came before this existence and will be long after existence has gone”. None of this can be confirmed.
The best theory is that The Arcana is an amalgam of magic energies. Some go so far as to say it is the essence of the five know magical forces earth, air, fire, water and spirit made animate.


The Arcana is now believed to have been active since the late 1940’s. Initially, it seems to have been observing and gathering intelligence, learning about humanity and the world. Slowly over time, it increased its activities. The Arcana is believed to be responsible for several unexplained paranormal events in the 60’s and 70’s. Most experts believe this was to test its power in and assumptions about the human world. The Arcana slowed its activity during the 80’s and 90’s with only a handful of suspected sightings. However, since the turn of the millennium, The Arcana has again appeared this time with an agenda and no fear of using force. The Arcana has made at least 4 appearances since 2003 that required the intervention of major supers or super teams to thwart.

The latest news concerning The Arcana is the emergence of a cult of human followers. They call them selves the Arcanite. The Arcanite believe that if they help The Arcana to succeed he will “awaken” them in the world to follow. To date, the Arcanite have only been a minor nuisance requiring no super intervention. However, if they grow more powerful or receive help from The Arcana this may rapidly change. A recent change to their MO is the addition of undead “soldiers” expended in concert with supervillains in several instances.

The Arcana

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