Rex Lear and the Starfighters

Heroes from the far reaches of space


Rex Lear is the leader. Because he is an Oberon, he has a degree of super strength and invulnerability. He is also an expert hand to hand combatant, a marksman, proficient with almost any weapon, and a born strategist. Rex possesses the Power Imperial, but refuses to use it, so no one knows how it manifested. Rex is headstrong, sarcastic, witty and roguish. He lives to learn and discover new things. He also refuses to admit that he is by, by birth right, the One True King of Oberon. Rex is a tall, blond haired, square jawed, classic super hero looking guy.
Brutus is big, mean, and a fighting machine. He’s stronger and faster than Rex, but not as durable. He has super senses that make him an excellent tracker, and claws to catch what he tracks. Brutus is enormous. His features are slightly dog-like. He keeps his facial hair in side burns and his hair in a mohawk.
Portia is from a world with a constantly changing climate. Because of this, her race has adapted the ability to shape shift. She doesn’t really have a “true form”, but her favorite form is of a petite Oberon girl with green hair. She more or less has the power to stretch her body and is able to take the form of different people and objects, as well as different materials like stone or water. Her one weakness is fire, as her planets atmosphere didn’t allow for open flame, so it causes her to lose cohesiveness.
Banquo is slim, with paper white skin and hair and pitch black pupiless eyes. Physically, Banquo is not any more powerful than a human. But, he possesses the power to turn invisible and intangible. And when he’s intangible he can fly.


Rex Lear is the Thane of the Starfighters, an elite A-Team of space faring Oberon heroes. Rex Lear is also the son of Claudius Lear, the Mad King who held the throne before Dondarius and tried to plunge Oberon into a civil war. Rex helped depose him and handed him over to be executed, but refused the crown, opting instead to give it to one of his father’s Thanes, Dondarius Stormhold. Rex was ashamed of his father’s crimes and believed that if he were King, he would only be starting down the same road to madness. He accepted the title of Thane from Dondarius, but refused a province, asking instead for the fastest ship on Oberon, and the freedom to assemble a team to go on Quest out into the stars. Thus the Starfighters were born.

Rex Lear, Brutus, Portia, and Banquo make up the team. They live by their own rules, all wearing the same ceremonial armor as if they were related, though they aren’t, and all refusing to wear masks. They have been spanning the galaxy having adventures for a long time. They only returned to Oberon to warn them of the threat of Eno Barbarus and the Krieg and help them fight them off. Laertes met them briefly here, but got to know them much better when he rode with them part of the way into uncharted space. Rex Lear and his team are the only people who backed Laertes up in his protests against Dondarius’ actions, though five cannot argue with a planet of loyal and thankful subjects. Rex Lear became the only Oberon in the galaxy who Laertes completely trusts. They are allies of Thane, and friends.

Brutus was born on a feral planet, where he grew up fighting tooth and nail for whatever he got. Which was handy, because he loved fighting. He was found in the forest by Rex Lear and was the first person recruited to join the Starfighters.

Rex recruited Portia to the Starfighters after being impressed with her yearning to have some individuality, amongst a race that barely even has personalities.

Banquo floated through the wall of the Starfighter, Rex Lear’s ship, and fell to the floor with no memory of who he was or what had happened. The Starfighters nursed him back to health and allowed him to join their ranks. Rex gave him the name Banquo, after his younger brother who had died defending the Mad King out of honor. Banquo is unfailingly loyal to Rex for giving him a life and a purpose, but is constantly on the look out for any information that could tell him about his past.

The Starfighters came to Earth in order to investigate a strange interference in the Power Imperial, preventing Dondarius from communicating with Thane. The heroes had been contacted in order to investigate overtures from Eno Barbarus of peace after losing most of his forces to a mysterious force in deep space. They joined forces with the Earth heroes to stop an apparent plan to siphon the life force of the planet’s inhabitants into a field of mystical energy surrounding the world, finding it to be much like another lifeless planetoid they had seen not long ago.

Rex Lear and the Starfighters

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