Sister to Thane and Lady-Lord of Glamis


Regan has blue skin, black hair, and wears a female version of the same ceremonial armor as Laertes to show that she is ruling in his stead.
Regan has a degree of super human strength and invulnerability that come with being an Oberon. She is also quite skilled with a sword.


Regan is Laertes older sister, and the Lady-Lord of the province of Glamis. She rules in his stead on Oberon, while he is on Quest. Regan is a strict woman. Fiercely intelligent and incredibly blunt and to the point. There is some tension between Regan and Laertes because she feels like he was irresponsible in leaving Oberon and shouldn’t be so hard on Dondarius for sparing Agamemnon, but they really do love each other. Regan understands that honor and justice are of paramount importance to Laertes, and that is why she agreed to watch over Glamis for him.


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