High King Dondarius Stormhold

Ruler of Oberron


Dondarius wears extremely ornate Kingly armor made of Gold with royal blue decoration.
As the King, Dondarius has a wide array of mystical powers that stem from the Power Imperial, allowing him to operate on a nigh cosmic level of influence.


Dondarius accepted the throne after Rex Lear, son of the Mad King Claudius Lear, turned it down and chose him as his successor.
He is a fair ruler, though not a perfect one. He tries to make decisions for the good of his world and usually does well. He was close friends with Agamemnon for centuries before Agamemnon’s betrayal and he is a dear friend and mentor to Laertes. He chose Laertes to be one of his Thanes and gifted him with the Power Imperial. The two were inseparable, until Dondarius subverted the law by throwing Agamemnon into the space between dimensions rather than executing him, prompting Laertes to fly off into unknown space on quest.

High King Dondarius Stormhold

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