Eno Barbarus

Mad alien conqueror

All Oberon are super strong and durable compared to humans. But, when Eno Barbarus returned from The Black, his strength was on a whole new level. Immensely powerful, he also has at his disposal a wide array of psychic powers, such as telekinesis and mental blasts. It’s unclear if he can see into the future or is simply insane. He has mind control, but the victim has to willingly submit to it. He can’t just mind control anyone at any time.

Eno Barbarus is about seven feet tall, with white skin and black markings tattooed all over his face and body. He wears black ceremonial armor with red decoration and a red sash


Eno Barbarus was an accomplished scientist on Oberon and friend to Dondarius and Agamemnon before Laertes was born (the Oberon live a long time). Good intentioned, he was looking into why every one who ventured into the forbidden sector of space, known to the Oberon as The Black disappeared. He sent probes out to listen, report back. And they did their job well, because whatever he heard broke his mind. He became fixated with traveling into The Black himself, despite Dondarius expressly forbidding it. He stole a ship and fled Oberon into The Black. No one heard from him for a long time.
Then, the Krieg came flying out of The Black. A massive army of mindless silent soldiers (To sum it up, they are Space Hand Ninjas), led by a newly empowered Eno Barbarus. He had cast off his mask (a common sign of the unification of Oberon) and begun painting his face. Each of the Krieg had their faces painted the same. He conquered several small worlds with his army, then with the help of his inside man Agamemnon, he attempted to conquer Oberon. He was ultimately defeated, and both he and his army disappeared back into the black.

Recently, a report from Rex Lear tells that Barbarus’ forces have been nearly annihilated due to some unknown force in deep space. Barbarus seeks a peace accord with King Dondarius. The events that destroyed his army seem to have shaken the villain to his very core…

Eno Barbarus

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