Unstoppable force of destruction


Bludgeon is massive, eight feet tall and built like a tank. His costume is dark gray with a green emblem on the chest.
Bludgeon is incalculably strong, possibly surpassing that of even the Adventurer’s greatest effort. But, his primary power is his insane level of invulnerability. He is all but impervious to any sort of trauma. Thane, with all his power, was unable to do any real damage to him in their first fight. The only way he won was by luring him to the harbor and knocking him off the docks. Bludgeon was unable to swim, and Thane left him under the water till he passed out. He then handed him over to the authorities. His real weakness is his lack of intelligence. He can barely form words of more than two syllables and tends to refer to himself in the third person. His primary emotions are rage and anger.


Bludgeon used to be a street level thug named Howard Worley, prior to being approached about a very lucrative job as a test subject for an experiment that was meant to make the subject the strongest man on the planet. Fully prepared to be rich and powerful, Howard accepted.
Unbeknownst to him, the scientist conducting the experiment was Dr. William Vernon, the Wyvern. Vernon had lied to Howard; the primary goal of the experiment was durability, not strength. The process turned Worley into a monster of a man, nearly unstoppable, but at the cost of his intelligence. He had been transformed into a savage, violent simpleton that lived to cause destruction.
Wyvern put Bludgeon into a super villain suit made of a cloth that was almost as durable as him and used him to distract and/or attempt to kill Thane while he robbed the C.D.C. He failed, as villains often do. But once a bullet is fired, you can’t get it back. And Bludgeon’s rampage was far from over.


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