Arch-nemesis - Thane

Agamemnon has a level of natural super strength and invulnerability from being an Oberon. His real power though is his mastery of dark magics. Agamemnon is a powerful sorcerer, wielding near cosmic level powers, with many different abilities and tricks at his disposal.

Agamemnon’s ceremonial armor is primarily dark green, with purple and bronze decoration. The visual affectations of his power vary because he uses many different kinds of magic.


Agamemnon has devoted his life to the mystic arts and gaining powers other men do not possess. Agamemnon was Laertes’ hated rival even before he was his nemesis. He felt like his goody-two-shoes mentality put all of Oberon at risk. He was secretly the head of all organized crime on Oberon and used his position as Thane to keep the King’s men looking the other way. When his spies learned that the Krieg were on the move towards Oberon with an old friend, Eno Barbarus, as their leader, he reached out to him and offered his help. But, Eno Barbarus was not the man he remembered.
The Black of space had made him powerful, but it had also driven him mad. Knowing that backing out now would surely lead to his demise, Agamemnon continued to aid Barbarus, on the agreement that when Barbarus conquered Oberon, he would get to rule it as his second. But, Agamemnon was captured by Laertes and turned over to Dondarius. By law, his sentence was execution. But, Dondarius didn’t want to put such an important public figure on trial during a war. And secretly, he didn’t want to kill a former friend. So instead, Agamemnon was cast into the space between dimensions in exile. And, it’s there that he waits and plots his revenge on Thane.


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